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Immigration Law in Hollis, NY

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Legal Representation in Hollis, NY

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Law Office in Hollis, NY

Law Office in Hollis, NY

Our law office in Hollis, NY, is experienced in immigration regulation, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, criminal matters, and more. We provide reliable assistance for debt relief and stopping creditor harassment as well as comprehensive services for permanent residency, citizenship, deportation cases, misdemeanors, and felony defense, landlord/tenant, wills, accidents, and family court situations. Contact The Law Offices of Ronald P. Zinner today to request our services.

Immigration Support

Dealing with the legal hurdles of the immigration system can be challenging on your own. Thankfully, at the Law Offices of Ronald P. Zinner, we are here to help. We have a deep understanding of immigration law, and use this knowledge to assist with your situation. Whether you need help securing residency or need representation to fight deportation, our attorney has the experience you need.

Criminal Law

When you are facing criminal charges, it is imperative that you seek the assistance of our skilled attorney right away. No matter the severity of the charge, our team will provide you with the representation you need to work through the issue. Our defense attorneys have a deep understanding of criminal law and use this experience to build a strong defense for your case. When you choose our firm for criminal defense, know that we will always fight for the complete protection of your rights.

Bankruptcy and Family Law Services

In addition to providing criminal justice and immigration support, our team also offers services for bankruptcy and family law. This includes helping you to prepare the documents needed for filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy as well as representing your interests in any family court matters.

Contact us when you need assistance in dealing with your legal situation. We proudly serve clients in Hollis, NY, and the surrounding areas.

Law Offices of Ronald P. Zinner

DACA, TPS, Political Asylum, Citizenship, Visa Extensions, Green Cards, Deportation and Removal Proceedings

Chapter 7, Debt Relief, Credit Reports, Debtor Education

Misdemeanors, Felonies, Assault, Drugs

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Address: 205-07 Hillside Avenue, Suite 25
Hollis Hills, Queens, New York


Ronald P. Zinner, Esq. is admitted to the Bar of The State of New York as well as the US District Courts for the Eastern and Southern Districts of NY State. He has been serving the New York community for over 25 years. Mr. Zinner provides comprehensive immigration advocacy in proceedings before the US Department of Justice involving deportation, political asylum, and criminal based removal, from application through appeal.

Mr. Zinner's law office also provides extensive assistance in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filings involving consumer debt, and foreclosure relief, as well as criminal advocacy involving assault, drugs and theft cases. In addition, Mr. Zinner's law office provides a full range of legal representation and services in the areas of personal injury, landlord/tenant, wills and family court matters.